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• 8/11/2017

newb: crates what i have/ what are they worth?

i am good at the game but have just never traded before and dont want to get ripped off i have these:

3- champion 1; 3 champ 2; 5 champ 3; 1 champ 4; 14 nitro; 7 overdrive; 2 players choice; 5 turbo..... i feel like this is good people go nuts when they try to trade me
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• 8/11/2017
btw only car i use is masamune, so trades specific to that welcome as i learn this stuff
• 8/29/2017
You can just check what are the most valuable items in each of them Or well just check their RM prices (those are rather public and available). There is no other way around
Most expensive Rocket League Crate Items - Odealo
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