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Arena birdseye

A typical Rocket League arena.

Arenas are the main areas where the game takes place. They feature boost fill-up pads dotted around the field. The four in the corners and 2 at the edges (8 in total on the Starbase ARC Arena) refill 100% boost, while all other pads refill 12% boost. In Core 707, there's none boost pads.

The arenas also feature a cage-like structure, keeping both the ball and the players inside the arena. It also allows players’ cars to drive around it, though if not moving, they will slide down the walls, and cannot stick to the ceiling for too long.

Players spawn into the match at one of five places:

  • Goalie: Directly in front of the goal, inside the goal box
  • Defenders: Inside the penalty area in front of the goalie spawn
  • Wings: Outside the penalty area in front of the defender spawn


Arena Variations

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