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  • RGeezy911

    General Maintenance

    February 21, 2017 by RGeezy911

    Lots of cleanup needs to be done on the wiki, and soon I will be committing to it!

    Some of the things getting tended to will be pages marked for deletion, pages needing categorization, categories needing to be created, unused content that needs to be removed or re-purposed, and image links that need to be updated within articles.

    This will clutter the recent changes list, but not for too long. I am hopeful.

    The first part of maintenance is complete, with almost 400 unused / duplicated images deleted. This clears about 300 MB of clutter, and makes the wiki much more cleaner.

    Additionally, some videos were also removed as they did not contribute to the wiki. As a reminder, the wiki should be used to document information about the game. It should not …

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  • SeeingWhatsNext

    As most people probably know, there's no main menu playlist file, but you can manually rename the files so get whichever song you want to play at startup.

    At the time of posting, the song which plays at startup is "Hollywood Principle feat. Dr. Awkward - Solar Eclipses", which is 978255848.wem So you can rename 978255848.wem to whatever you like, then rename whichever track you want to play at startup as "978255848.wem"
    Unfortunately, as of patch v1.29 on 2017-02-21, the main track is now "Firework (Melad Remix)", which is a new track inside MX_MainMenu.bnk and thus cannot be changed using the above method. Apparently, Psyonix just hates their fans.

    As of Patch 1.31 on 2017-03-22, all main menu is now in .wem files, but replacing the startup …

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  • RGeezy911

    Recently, GLiTcH2 promoted me to the position of Content Moderator. I am very thankful for this, and I hope to continue working with this wiki to bring updated info and better visuals to the articles found here.

    For those of you who don't know what a content moderator is, they are able to manage the user-generated information on a wiki. This includes text within articles, forum posts, and uploaded videos and images. This allows me to control vandalism and spam, should it occur.

    As such, if you ever see spam posted on the wiki or anything that should be looked into, please send me a message on my message wall.

    Aside from all that, I am still working to improve some of the core pages on the wiki. The next on my list is the Antennas page. I hope …

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  • Kirodis

    If you have any ideas post in the comment section

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  • Koosh91

    Wiki Age

    September 22, 2015 by Koosh91

    Just a quick question...

    How old is this Wiki? :)

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  • Knakveey
    Rocket League DLC was announced today!

    Psyonix announced that Rocket League will be getting a mix of both paid and free DLC.

    As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, the Supersonic Fury DLC Pack will add two new cars (the American muscle car, Dominus, and the Japanese street racer, Takumi) along with six different decals for each of these. There will also be two new Rocket Boosts, two new Wheel sets, five new Paint Types and more Trophies.

    The Supersonic Fury DLC Pack is due in August and will cost €3.99.

    Additionally, there will be free DLC that adds the new Utopia Coliseum map, more than 70 country flags, updated Goal explosions and Demolitions, a new song by Hollywood Principle, and a Spectator Mode.

    Yesterday developer Psyonix tweeted that Roc…

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