Champion Crate 1 is a crate that was released on September 8, 2016, alongside Champion Crate 2.


There is a chance of obtaining one of the following items when unlocking this crate:

Preview Name Type Vehicle Rarity
Combo decal icon Combo Decal Takumi Rare
Vice decal icon Vice Decal Breakout Rare
Pollo Caliente decal icon Pollo Caliente Decal Dominus Rare
Arcana decal icon Arcana Decal Dominus Rare
Shibuya decal icon Shibuya Decal Breakout Rare
Anubis decal icon Anubis Decal (Animated) Takumi Very Rare
Dot Matrix decal icon Dot Matrix Decal (Animated) Breakout Very Rare
Snakeskin decal icon Snakeskin Decal (Animated) Dominus Very Rare
Chakram default Chakram Wheels All Very Rare
Dominus GT body icon Dominus GT Body Import
Trinity rocket boost icon Trinity Rocket Boost All Import
Takumi RX-T body icon Takumi RX-T Body Import
Photon wheel icon Photon Wheels All Exotic
Looper wheel icon Looper Wheels All Exotic
Labyrinth decal icon Labyrinth Decal (Animated) All Black Market
Slipstream decal icon Slipstream Decal (Animated) All Black Market
Parallax decal icon Parallax Decal (Animated) All Black Market
Heatwave decal icon Heatwave Decal (Animated) All Black Market