Champion Crate 2 was released on September 8, 2016,[1] alongside Champion Crate 1.


This crate contains the following items:

  • 5 Very Rare decals
  • 3 Rare decals
  • 2 Import bodies
  • 2 Exotic wheels
  • 1 Import rocket trail
  • 1 Very Rare rocket trail
Preview Name Type Vehicle Rarity
Dragon lord decal rare Dragon Lord Decal (Animated) Octane Rare
Nine lives decal rare Nine Lives Decal Venom Rare
Carbonated decal rare Carbonated Decal (Animated) Road Hog Rare
Whizzle decal rare Whizzle Decal Takumi Rare
Narwhal decal rare Narwhal Decal Merc Rare
Distortion decal very rare Distortion Decal (Animated) Octane Very Rare
Warlock decal very rare Warlock Decal (Animated) Merc Very Rare
Polygonal trail animated Polygonal Rocket Trail All Very Rare
Snakeskin decal very rare Snake Skin Decal (Animated) X-Devil Very Rare
Pixel fire trail animated Pixel Fire Rocket Trail All Import
X-Devil Mk2 body icon X-Devil Mk2 Body Import
Road Hog XL body icon Road Hog XL Body Import
Voltaic default Voltaic Wheels All Exotic
Lobo default Lobo Wheels All Exotic


  • Octane Dragon Lord
  • Venom Nine Lives
  • Road Hog Carbonated
  • Takumi Whizzle
  • Merc Narwhal
  • Octane Distortion
  • Merc Warlock
  • Polygonal
  • X-Devil Snakeskin
  • Pixel Fire
  • X-Devil MK2
  • Road Hog XL
  • Voltaic
  • Lobo


  1. Patch Notes v1.22 on Rocket League - Official Site

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