Champion Crate 3 was released on October 4, 2016, as part of the AquaDome update.[1]


This crate contains the following items:

Icon Name Type Vehicle Rarity
Falchion decal rare Falchion Decal Breakout Rare
Turbo decal rare Turbo Decal Breakout Rare
Mondo decal rare Mondo Decal Dominus Rare
Shisa decal rare Shisa Decal Octane Rare
Oni decal rare Oni Decal Masamune Rare
Distortion decal very rare Distortion Decal (Animated) Takumi Very Rare
Snakeskin decal very rare Snakeskin Decal (Animated) Breakout Very Rare
Troika default Troika Wheels All Very Rare
Mg 88 decal very rare MG-88 Decal (Animated) Octane Very Rare
Breakout Type-S body icon Breakout Type-S Body All Import
Hypernova trail animated Hypernova Rocket Boost All Import
Dark matter trail animated Dark Matter Rocket Boost All Import
Pulsus default Pulsus Wheels All Exotic
Discotheque default Discotheque Wheels All Exotic
Labyrinth decal icon Labyrinth Decal (Animated) All Black Market
Slipstream decal icon Slipstream Decal (Animated) All Black Market
Parallax decal icon Parallax Decal (Animated) All Black Market
Heatwave decal icon Heatwave Decal (Animated) All Black Market


  • Breakout Falchion
  • Breakout Turbo
  • Dominus Mondo
  • Octane Shisa
  • Masamune Oni
  • Takumi Distortion
  • Breakout Snakeskin
  • Troika
  • Octane MG-88
  • Breakout Type-S
  • Hypernova
  • Dark Matter
  • Pulsus
  • Discotheque


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