Rocket League supports the following control methods:

  • DualShock 4 controller (PlayStation 4)
  • Keyboard/Mouse (PC)
  • Xbox One controller (Xbox One, PC)

Default controls

The following is a list of default controls for all available input devices. The in-game menu allows players to customize these controls.

Action DualShock 4 controller Keyboard/Mouse Xbox One controller Notes
Accelerate PS4 R2 Button W Xbox Right Trigger
Reverse PS4 L2 Button S Xbox Left Trigger
Steer PS4 LeftStick Button A,D Xbox Left stick
Jump PS4 X Button PC-RMB-Button Xbox button A
Boost PS4 Circle Button PC-LMB-Button Xbox button B
Powerslide PS4 Square Button ⇧ Left Shift Xbox button X
Skip Replay PS4 X Button PC-LMB-Button Xbox button A
Air Steer and Pitch PS4 LeftStick Button W,A,S,D Xbox Left stick
Air Roll PS4 Square Button ⇧ Left Shift Xbox button X This is used in combination with air steering to roll the car.
Camera Swivel PS4 RightStick Button N/A Xbox Right stick PC control can be set.
Focus on Ball PS4 Triangle Button Space Xbox button Y
Rear View PS4 R3 Button PC-MMB-Button Xbox Right stick button


PS4 L1 Button Tab ↹ Xbox Left Bumper
Voice Chat PS4 R1 Button F Xbox Right Bumper
Skip Music Track PS4 R3 Button N Xbox Right stick button
Text Chat PS4 TouchPad Click Button T N/A
Team Text Chat N/A Y N/A
Quick Chat - Information PS4 DPad Up Button 1 Xbox D-Pad Up
Quick Chat - Compliments PS4 DPad Left Button 2 Xbox D-Pad Left
Quick Chat - Reactions PS4 DPad Right Button 3 Xbox D-Pad Right
Quick Chat - Apologies PS4 DPad Down Button 4 Xbox D-Pad Down
Reset Shot PS4 R1 Button ← Backspace Xbox Right Bumper
Save Replay (Hold) PS4 TouchPad Hold Button ← Backspace
Use Item PS4 L3 Button R Xbox Left stick button Only used when playing Rumble.

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