A key with two crates.

Crates are special item drops that contain exclusive bodies, decals, goal explosions, rocket boosts, trails, and wheels. They were introduced on September 8, 2016.

Each crate has a unique "series" of items. Items in each crate are classified as Rare, Very Rare, Import, Exotic, and Black Market.

They can be unlocked with keys, which are available for sale in the "Manage Inventory" and "Crate Unlock" menus. Unlocking a crate will reveal a random exclusive item. There is also a chance of acquiring a certified or painted variant of said item.

Alternatively crates can also be opened using decryptors.


The following table shows an example of drop percentage when a new crate is released.[1]

Drop Chance Category Crates
60% Newest Triumph
25% Recent Victory
10% Older Velocity, Accelerator
5% Phaseout PCC, Turbo, Nitro, Overdrive

Within a "category", crates have equal drop odds. So Velocity and Accelerator effectively drop 5% of the time, while PCC drops 1.25% of the time (as it shares with 3 others).

Although Psyonix initially suggested that crates could only be obtained through Competitive mode,[2] this is not actually the case.

Crates can also be traded with other players.

Drop Rates

Psyonix revealed the following drop rates[3] for all five Customization Item rarity levels found in Rocket League Crates (along with odds for Painted and Certified attributes):

  • Rare Item: 55%
  • Very Rare Item: 28%
  • Import Item: 12%
  • Exotic Item: 4%
  • Black Market Item: 1%
  • Chance of receiving Painted attribute: 25%
  • Chance of receiving Certified attribute: 25%

The Crate system uses a three-step process. When you open a Crate with a Key or Decryptor, the system first determines what rarity level to choose from -- Rare, Very Rare, Import, Exotic or Black Market -- based on the percentages listed above. Next, the system determines which item within that rarity group is dropped. If you’re receiving an Import-level Customization Item from the Impact Crate, for example, each of the three Import items in the Impact Crate have an equal chance of dropping. Finally, the system determines if the item will drop with Painted and/or Certified attributes.

NOTE: These drop rates have been the same since our Crates and Keys system launched in September 2016. Every Crate and Crate Series in Rocket League are subject to these rates, whether it was the retired Champions Series Crates or the next Crate we’re releasing later this summer.

List of available crates

Special events


Crate retirement

On May 22, 2017, Psyonix announced that the Champion Crate series would be retired in June, 2017, with other crates set to retire approximately six months after their initial release date.[4]

All four Champion Crates will no longer be available as drops after Online Matches once our next major update goes live this Summer. This retirement ONLY affects drops, so if you already have Champion Crates in your inventory, or want to trade Champion Crates to other players after their retirement, you will still be able to do so. This Champion series retirement means that there will be fewer Crates to account for when the game drops one for you. In other words, removing older Crates means that newer Crates (and their newer Items) will appear for you more often.

After retiring the Champion Series, we will continue to retire other Crates on a schedule of roughly six months after their initial release. But don't worry, items found inside retired Crates could still come back at a later date. Some items are already available in other Crates, like those found in the Player's Choice Crate we released in February.

We will announce all future Crate retirements here before they happen, and we will have even more to share about our next major update at the RLCS Season Three World Championship.

All four Champion crates were officially retired on July 5, 2017.

Black Market items

Items listed here have a 1% chance of being found in crates, they cannot be obtained via Trade in.


Main article: Decal

Black Market decals are unique in that they were once shown in the preview as an Octane Battle-Car partially covered by a purple hexagon-motif fabric. These decals were dubbed "Mystery Universal Decal" in the preview, which means that the Black Market decals are applicable to all Battle-Cars. Since the Patch v1.41, they can be previewed normally and are no longer dubbed “Mystery Universal Decal”.

Goal explosions

Main article: Goal explosion


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