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Two crates behind a key.

Crates are special item drops in Rocket League.

Introduced in Patch v1.22, they contain exclusive Decals, Wheels, Rocket Trails, and Battle-Cars.

Crates can be unlocked with keys, which are available for sale in the "Manage Inventory" and "Crate Unlock" menus. Unlocking the crate will reveal a random exclusive item. There is also a chance of acquiring a certified or painted variant of said item.

Each crate has a unique "series" of items. Items in each crate are classified as Rare, Very Rare, Import, Exotic, and Black Market.

Keys bought will have a "trade hold" that prevents them from being traded to other players for 7 days from the time of purchase. As such, keys used to obtain items from crates will transfer the remaining "trade hold" time from the key to the item.

Keys are obtained by purchasing on your specific platform's marketplace in set(s) of 1, 5, 10, and 20.

On May 22, 2017, Psyonix announced that the Champion Crate series would be retired in June, 2017, with other crates set to retire approximately six months after their initial release date.[1]

List of available crates

Retired crates

No crates have been retired as of May 25, 2017.

Crate retirement

On May 22, 2017, Psyonix released the following announcement:

All four Champion Crates will no longer be available as drops after Online Matches once our next major update goes live this Summer. This retirement ONLY affects drops, so if you already have Champion Crates in your inventory, or want to trade Champion Crates to other players after their retirement, you will still be able to do so. This Champion series retirement means that there will be fewer Crates to account for when the game drops one for you. In other words, removing older Crates means that newer Crates (and their newer Items) will appear for you more often.

After retiring the Champion Series, we will continue to retire other Crates on a schedule of roughly six months after their initial release. But don't worry, items found inside retired Crates could still come back at a later date. Some items are already available in other Crates, like those found in the Player's Choice Crate we released in February.

We will announce all future Crate retirements here before they happen, and we will have even more to share about our next major update at the RLCS Season Three World Championship.

How to obtain crates

Go to Category:Collectables#How to obtain

Champions Crate 1

See the Champion Crate 1 entry for details.

Champions Crate 2

See the Champion Crate 2 entry for details.

Champions Crate 3


Period of availability: October 4th, 2016 to June, 2017

Name Preview Type Rarity
Breakout – Falchion
Falchion decal rare
Decal Rare
Breakout – Turbo
Turbo decal rare
Decal Rare
Dominus – Mondo
Mondo decal rare
Decal Rare
Octane – Shisa
Shisa decal rare
Decal Rare
Masamune – Oni
Oni decal rare
Decal Rare
Takumi – Distortion
Distortion decal very rare
Decal (Animated) Very Rare
Breakout – Snakeskin
Snakeskin decal very rare
Decal (Animated) Very Rare
Troika default
Wheels Very Rare
Octane – MG-88
Mg 88 decal very rare
Decal (Animated) Very Rare
Breakout Type-S
20161006192311 1
Body Import
Hypernova trail animated
Rocket Trail Import
Dark Matter
Dark matter trail animated
Rocket Trail Import
Pulsus default
Wheels Exotic
Discotheque default
Wheels Exotic
  • Breakout Falchion
  • Breakout Turbo
  • Dominus Mondo
  • Octane Shisa
  • Masamune Oni
  • Takumi Distortion
  • Breakout Snakeskin
  • Troika
  • Octane MG-88
  • Breakout Type-S
  • Hypernova
  • Dark Matter
  • Pulsus
  • Discotheque

Champions Crate 4


Period of availability: December 7th, 2016 to June, 2017

Name Preview Type Rarity
Octane – Roadkill
Road kill decal rare
Decal Rare
Road Hog – Wildfire
Wildfire decal rare
Decal Rare
Hotshot – Hi-Tech
Hi tech decal rare
Decal Rare
Gizmo – Mean Streak
Mean streak decal rare
Decal Rare
X-Devil – Maximon
Maximon decal rare
Decal Rare
Breakout – Distortion
Distortion decal very rare
Decal (Animated) Very Rare
Road Hog – Snakeskin
Snakeskin decal very rare
Decal (Animated) Very Rare
Octane – Kilowatt
Kilowatt decal very rare
Decal (Animated) Very Rare
Spiralis default
Wheels Very Rare
FSL default
Wheels Import
Octane ZSR
20161211150335 1
Body Import
Proton trail animated
Rocket Trail Import
Zomba default
Wheels Exotic
Ara51 default
Wheels Exotic
  • Octane Roadkill
  • Road Hog Wildfire
  • Hotshot Hi-Tech
  • Gizmo Mean Streak
  • X-Devil Maximon
  • Breakout Distortion
  • Road Hog Snakeskin
  • Octane Kilowatt
  • Spiralis
  • FSL
  • Octane ZSR
  • Proton
  • Zomba
  • ARA-51

Player’s Choice Crate 1

See the Player's Choice Crate entry for details.

Turbo Crate

See the Turbo Crate entry for details.

Nitro Crate

See the Nitro Crate entry for details.

Black Market Items

Black Market items are unique in that they are shown in the preview as an Octane Battle-Car partially covered by a purple hexagon-motif fabric. These items are dubbed "Mystery Universal Decal" in the preview, which means that the Black Market decals are applicable to all Battle-Cars.

The "Black Market" label is currently limited to decals.


  1. Rocketleague-logo Official News | Crate Retirement Starting with Next Update

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