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The Leveling System is the independent progression system in which players earn XP (Experience Points) at the end of a completed match and is displayed in the lower left-hand corner of the HUD (Heads-up Display). Players can earn new titles at different milestone levels. Each time you reach a new level, it will take more XP to reach the next.

Level Titles

Level Titles, or XP Titles, are shared and the same for both online and offline play and across all game modes. However, playing online games gives dramatically more experience than offline games (i.e. twice as much experience).

As of Patch v1.08 (November 9th, 2015), players can hide their XP titles or swap them with 'special titles' (see below) by going to the Titles tab in the garage.

Title Obtained by
Rookie Default
Semi-Pro Level 10
Pro Level 20
Veteran Level 30
Expert Level 40
Master Level 50
Legend Level 60
Rocketeer Level 74

Disclaimer: The titles shown above only indicate the amount of time played by a certain account and do not necessarily correlate with the player's actual skill level.

Special Titles

There are also a number of titles that can only be obtained through special conditions. These conditions include Competitive Seasons and recurring eSport events (e.g. the Rocket League Championship Series).

Title Availability
Developer Psyonix staff
ESL Monthly Champion ESL Rocket League competitions
ESL Monthly Elite ESL Rocket League competitions
MLG Season 1 Champion MLG Pro – Rocket League – Season 1
MLG Season 1 Elite MLG Pro – Rocket League – Season 1
Moderator Rocket League Psyonix forum moderators & Steam Moderators
PAX Champion PAX West 2016 Rocket League tournaments
RLCS World Champion Winner of the RLCS
RLCS Grand Finalist Runner-up of the RLCS
RLCS Elite Top 8 of the RLCS
RLCS Contender Group stage contestant of the RLCS
RLCS Caster RLCS volunteer staff
RLCS Analyst RLCS volunteer staff
Season 2 Grand Champion Competitive Season 2
Season 3 Grand Champion Competitive Season 3
First Rocketeer Exclusive to the first legitimate Rocketeer
The Pigeon Man Exclusive to the player who collected 1000 Pigeon Toppers

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