The Nitro Crate was released on May 10, 2017, as part of the Neo Tokyo/Tokyo Underpass update.[1]

It is the second crate to feature a Battle-Car not directly based on an existing design.


This crate contains the following items:

  • 5 Rare Decals
  • 2 Very Rare Decals
  • 1 Very Rare Wheel
  • 1 Import Wheel
  • 2 Exotic Wheels
  • 1 Very Rare Rocket Boost
  • 1 Import Rocket Boost
  • 1 Import Body
Preview Name Type Vehicle Rarity
Mobo decal icon Mobo Decal Breakout Type-S Rare
Sticker Bomb decal icon Sticker Bomb Decal Takumi Rare
MDGA decal icon MDGA Decal Dominus Rare
Jiangshi decal icon Jiangshi Decal Octane ZSR Rare
Buzz Kill decal icon Buzz Kill Decal Octane Rare
Vector decal icon Vector Decal (Animated) Takumi Very Rare
Hexphase rocket trail icon Hexphase Rocket Boost All Very Rare
Fireplug default Fireplug Wheels All Very Rare
MG-88 decal icon MG-88 Decal (Animated) Endo Very Rare
Mantis body Mantis Body Import
Neo-Thermal rocket trail icon Neo-Thermal Rocket Boost All Import
Triplex default Triplex Wheels All Import
Draco default Draco Wheels All Exotic
K2 default K2 Wheels All Exotic
Bubbly decal icon Bubbly Decal All Black Market
Spectre decal icon Spectre Decal All Black Market


  • Mobo decal
  • Sticker Bomb decal
  • MDGA decal
  • Jiangshi decal
  • Buzz Kill decal
  • Vector decal
  • Hexphase rocket trail
  • Fireplug wheels
  • MG-88 decal
  • Mantis body
  • Neo-Thermal rocket trail
  • Triplex wheels
  • Draco wheels
  • K2 wheels


  1. Rocketleague-logo Official News | Patch Notes v1.34

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