Paint is a customization option in Rocket League. With this option, you can change the color and paint texture or finish of your Battle-Car and its decal. There are two available team color schemes: Blue and Orange.

Color palettes

The below color palettes are available to chose from. The default team colors have been highlighted with a tick.

Blue team colors

Paint primary blue

Orange team colors

Paint primary orange

Accent colors

Accent Colors

Paint finishes


Common paint finishes are unlocked by completing matches. Glossy is the default paint finish, and is unlocked from the beginning of the game.


Rare paint finishes are obtained from unlocking crates.

Very Rare


Import paint finishes are unlocked by opening crates.


Premium paint finishes are unlocked by purchasing DLC.

Animated decals

If an animated decal is equipped, the option to select the paint is replaced with the name of the decal. While some animated decals still let you choose the primary and accent colors, some allow you to choose the primary color only.


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