The Player's Choice Crate was released on February 21, 2017.[1]

Although the Rocket League website refers to this crate as "Series 1", no other Player's Choice Crates have been announced as of August 19, 2017.


This crate contains the following items:

  • 5 Rare decals
  • 4 Very Rare decals
  • 3 Import bodies
  • 2 Exotic wheels
Icon Name Type Vehicle Rarity
Funny Book decal icon Funny Book Decal Breakout Type-S Rare
Tribal (Octane ZSR) decal icon Tribal Decal Octane ZSR Rare
Cobra decal icon Cobra Decal X-Devil Mk2 Rare
Unmasked decal icon Unmasked Decal Dominus GT Rare
Super RX-T decal icon Super RX-T Decal Takumi RX-T Rare
Distortion decal icon Distortion Decal (Animated) Dominus GT Very Rare
Distortion decal icon Distortion Decal (Animated) Takumi RX-T Very Rare
Distortion decal icon Distortion Decal (Animated) Breakout Type-S Very Rare
Distortion decal icon Distortion Decal (Animated) Octane ZSR Very Rare
Dominus GT body icon Dominus GT Body Import
Breakout Type-S body icon Breakout Type-S Body Import
Octane ZSR body icon Octane ZSR Body Import
Voltaic default Voltaic Wheels All Exotic
Zomba default Zomba Wheels All Exotic


  • Breakout Type-S Funny Book
  • Octane-ZSR Tribal
  • X-Devil Mk2 Cobra
  • Dominus GT Unmasked
  • Takumi RX-T Super RX-T
  • Dominus GT Distortion
  • Takumi RX-T Distortion
  • Breakout Type-S Distortion
  • Octane ZSR Distortion
  • Dominus GT
  • Breakout Type-S
  • Octane ZSR
  • Voltaic
  • Zomba


  1. Rocketleague-logo Official News | Patch Notes v1.29

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