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Earning points is how players level up and progress through player ranks.

Each player can gain points from various actions throughout the match. At the end of the match, the player on the winning team with the most points gets MVP (Most Valuable Player) and is awarded an additional 100 points. If two players on the winning team have the same number of points when the match ends, MVP is awarded to the first of the tying players in alphabetical order based on the player names.

Points per game will vary greatly based on player skill levels and the matchup, but points typically range between 100 and 1000 per game, not including the match completion points.

The points table below reflects the points earned from playing online matches. In offline play and private matches, the points are cut in half for each action. Note that completing a lost match still nets a significant amount of points, most likely to discourage players from leaving matches before they conclude to 'avoid a loss'.

List of Actions

Action Icon Points Description
Win Win icon 1000 Win a match
Complete Game None 750 Complete a match where you lose
MVP MVP icon 100 Earn the highest score on the winning team
Goal Goal icon 100 Hit the ball into the opponent's goal
Assist Assist icon 50 Pass the ball to a teammate who scores
Save Save icon 50 Block a shot on your goal
Epic Save Epic Save icon 60 Block a shot on your goal that is on the verge of going in
Demolition Demolition icon 0 Destroy another player
Hat Trick Hat Trick icon 50 Score three goals in one match
Playmaker Playmaker icon 50 Make three assists in one match
Savior Savior icon 50 Make three saves and/or epic saves in one match
Extermination Extermination icon 20 Demolish seven players in a single game
First Touch First Touch icon 10 Be the first to touch the ball on kickoff
Aerial Hit Aerial Hit icon 10 Hit the ball when it is at least above the height of the goal
Bicycle Hit Bicycle Hit icon 10 Hit the ball by flipping into it
Juggle Juggle icon 10 Hit the ball three times in a row without letting it hit the ground
Clear Ball Clear Ball icon 20 Hit the ball off your team's goal box
Center Ball Center Ball icon 20 Hit the ball into the opponent team's goal box
Shot on Goal Shot on Goal icon 30 Hit the ball towards the opponent team's goal
Aerial Goal Aerial Goal icon 20 Score a goal from an aerial hit
Bicycle Goal Bicycle Goal icon 20 Score a goal from a bicycle hit
Long Goal Long Goal icon 20 Score a goal where the last contact was on your side of the court
Backwards Goal Backwards Goal icon 20 Score a goal by reversing into the ball
Pool Shot Pool Shot icon 20 Score a goal by hitting an opponent into the ball
Turtle Goal Turtle Goal icon 20 Score a goal by hitting the ball while upside down
Overtime Goal Overtime Goal icon 50 Score a goal after regulation time has ended
Damage Damage icon 10 per panel Hit a panel when the ball is in first or second phase in Dropshot
Ultra Damage Ultra Damage icon 10 per panel Hit a panel when the ball is in third or fourth phase in Dropshot

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