Rocket League Collector's Edition is a physical release of Rocket League, co-published by Psyonix and 505 Games, collecting three existing DLC packs along with the original game, and adding in 4 additional timed-exclusive vehicles.

The box art features Octane and Dominus in the stormy variant of the Mannfield arena.

2017 update

On November 9, 2017, Psyonix announced an update to the Collector's Edition:

"In partnership with our new distributor, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Rocket League: Collector’s Edition for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will soon be updated with cool new content, featuring Wheels and a Player Banner inspired by DC Comics’ The Flash! As an added bonus, players will also receive a DC Comics Player Banner."[1]


In addition to the base game, the Collector's Edition includes:

DLC packs


Player banners



Limited edition art print by Psyonix concept artist, Jay Zhang, showing Octane and Road Hog.[2]


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