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At the conclusion of a match, there is the option to save a replay of that match. The files are saved to your computer with the default location:[1]

My Documents>\My Games\Rocket League\TAGame\Demos

Typical file sizes are ~*.

Replays can be opened through Extras on the main menu, and they are displayed in chronological order.

The files are .replay files, and they cannot be directly converted into videos. They instead contain data for the game to recreate the match replay while running the game in replay mode. To create a video, use a screen recording or game recording software (e.g. Plays.TV) while playing or watching in replay mode.

Replay Controls

Control DualShock 4 PC (Mouse & Keyboard) Xbox One Controller Notes
Camera Up
PS4 R2 Button
Xbox Right Trigger
Applies to all camera modes except for "Player View" or "Auto Cam"
Camera Down
PS4 L2 Button
Xbox Left Trigger
Camera Movement
PS4 LeftStick Button
Xbox Left stick
Camera Swivel
PS4 RightStick Button
Xbox Right stick
Windows control can be set
Pause (tap) / Speed Menu (hold)
PS4 X Button
Xbox button A
Toggle UI
PS4 Circle Button
Xbox button B
Switch Focus (tap) / Focus Menu (hold)
PS4 Square Button
Xbox button X
Switch Camera (tap) / Camera Menu (hold)
PS4 Triangle Button
Xbox button Y
Camer modes: Auto Cam, Fly, Soft Attach and Hard Attach
Zoom Camera In
PS4 R3 Button
Xbox Right stick button
Applies to all camera modes except for "Player View" or "Auto Cam"
Zoom Camera Out
PS4 L3 Button
Xbox Left stick button
PS4 L1 Button
Xbox Left Bumper
Reset Roll (tap) / Hold To Roll
PS4 R1 Button
Xbox Right Bumper
Show Controls
PS4 TouchPad Click Button
Add Key Frame (hold)
PS4 DPad Up Button
Xbox D-Pad Up
Remove Keyframe (hold)
PS4 DPad Down Button
Xbox D-Pad Down
Next Keyframe (tap) / Fast Forward (hold)
PS4 DPad Right Button
Xbox D-Pad Right
Previous Keyframe (tap) / Rewind (hold)
PS4 DPad Left Button
Xbox D-Pad Left

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