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Tokyo Underpass is an arena in Rocket League. It was added to the game as part of the Neo Tokyo patch v1.19 released on June 20th, 2016.

This arena was named Neo Tokyo until the patch v1.34 due to a standard version of this arena being released with this name.

As of March 22rd, 2017, this arena can only be played in Exhibition or Private matches.


Patch v1.19
Neo Tokyo’s origin began as the popular Rocket Labs arena, Underpass. This was the first arena to have multiple levels and was inspired by feedback from top-level players. Now, it returns with a fantastic visual theme and streamlined game-play improvements.

Patch v1.34
For those who love the original ‘Neo Tokyo,’ we have you covered! We are keeping the original Arena in Rocket League, but with a new name: ‘Tokyo Underpass.’ This new name/old look Arena will be available in offline and Private matches only for now. ‘Tokyo Underpass’ is also replacing the original ‘Underpass’ map, which will be removed from the Rocket Labs rotation starting with this update.

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