Recently, GLiTcH2 promoted me to the position of Content Moderator. I am very thankful for this, and I hope to continue working with this wiki to bring updated info and better visuals to the articles found here.

For those of you who don't know what a content moderator is, they are able to manage the user-generated information on a wiki. This includes text within articles, forum posts, and uploaded videos and images. This allows me to control vandalism and spam, should it occur.

As such, if you ever see spam posted on the wiki or anything that should be looked into, please send me a message on my message wall.

Aside from all that, I am still working to improve some of the core pages on the wiki. The next on my list is the Antennas page. I hope to get my hands on some good quality icons, upload / replace the existing ones, and then update the article.

I also plan on creating some maintenance categories for the wiki, for the sake of organization. These maintenance categories will act as an easy way for editors to find articles with issues, and an easy way for admins to locate articles that need their attention.

Work's to be done!


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