Rocket League, at its base, includes 10 standard Battle-Cars. Four of these car bodies are available at start, while the other six require unlocking.

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions also include console-exclusive unlockable Battle-Cars (Sweet Tooth for the PlayStation 4 version; Hogsticker and Armadillo for the Xbox One version). Bodies record the number of matches won while equipped.

Psyonix frequently introduces new cars to the game as downloadable content and via crates.


Common bodies must be unlocked by playing the game normally and completing matches. Gizmo, Octane, Road Hog and X-Devil are already unlocked at the beginning of the game.

On August 3, 2017, Psyonix introduced painted variants of some common bodies, which could be obtained via the trade in system.[1]

Platform exclusives

The Hogsticker and Armadillo bodies are only available in the Xbox One version of the game.

  • The Hogsticker is unlocked by playing one match with every common body.
  • The Armadillo is unlocked by completing a season in the single-player Season Mode.

The Luigi NSR, Mario NSR and Samus' Gunship bodies are only available in the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

The Sweet Tooth body is only available in the PlayStation 4 version of the game.

  • It is unlocked by playing one match with every common body.


These bodies are only available in crates. Unlike other bodies, Import bodies can be traded.

Some Import bodies may actually be based on the pre-existing Battle-Cars, so have the same hit-boxes, physics, and turning radii as their original counterparts.


These bodies are only available by purchasing their related DLC.

Note: The Batmobile and DeLorean Time Machine bodies are licensed. As such, they can only use their respective wheels and rocket trails; they cannot use decals, toppers or antennas.


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