Zag Toys is an American manufacturer founded in 2012 that produces licensed toys.

Original Mini's Pull-Back Racers

In February 2017 it was announced[1] that Psyonix had partnered with Zag Toys to create a line of pull-back racing cars based on the Battle-Cars in Rocket League.

12 cars will be released – 8 unique cars and 4 limited variants – each contained in a replica Rocket League ball. The limited "rare" and "super rare" vehicles will come with codes for both the "Cold Fusion" rocket boost and the "ZT-17" wheels, which can be redeemed in-game via the "Extras" menu.

The line is due for US release in early June.[2] An EU release date has yet to be confirmed.


Limited variants

  • Breakout Type-S (chrome, super rare)
  • Dominus (black)
  • Masamune (metallic blue)
  • Octane (gold)


External links


  1. Rocket League Toys Coming This Spring on Rocket League - Official Site
  2. Rocket League Pull-Back Racers Arrive in June on Rocket League - Official Site

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